Redmi Note 8 Pro Bootloader Unlocking Required Files

Hi, you are about to download the required files to unlock Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Keep in Mind:

  • This tutorial is only for Redmi Note 8 Pro.
  • Charge your phone at least 35% up.
  • Take a full backup of the phone.
  • Must have to install the USB drivers correctly.
  • Must have to install ADB and Fastboot driver.
  • And the main thing is, you must have to follow all the steps and do not try to skip one of them.


  • You need a computer with the Windows operating system.
  • Need a working USB data cable.
  • Internet connection for downloading the required files.
  • And obviously a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Download Section

Download these files, we redirect you to another page. If you find broken links then comment down below, we will fix them as soon as possible.


This process is intended for advanced users. A wrong move can damage your phone. That’s why we request you to follow all the steps and skip one of them. Thank You


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