LYF F120B Block Auto Update 2020 and Install OmniSD

Hello, viewers what is up I hope everything is all right. Today I am here with a new cool tutorial. In this tutorial, I am gonna show you how you can easily LYF F120B Block Auto Update.

F120B Block Auto-Updates

To stop auto updates on LYF F120B, we have to do three steps.

  • Downgrade the Jio Phone.
  • Install omniSD.
  • ADB Root and Fastboot.


To block auto-updates in your LYF Jio Phone F120B then you need to maintain the following requirements for your for phone’s safety purpose.

  • This method only works for LYF Jio Phones F120B model, do not try to flash other phones.
  • At, first you have to downgrade your LYF Jio Phone because the current operating system is not supported Omnisd application.
  • Then we will install Omnisd in Jio Phone  F120B.
  • Keep your device battery charged up to at least 50%.
  • Take a complete backup of your device data, because after flashing you lost your all user’s data.
  • So, follow the steps carefully.
  • Remove your sim card from your phone, because your phone starts downloading the updates automatically. 

Point to be noted:

F120B block auto-updates is easy to do. This is a very important announcement that this method works for only LYF F120B. finding the solution to block auto-updates in F120B after the November 2019 update.

Install the Drivers:​

Download and install these drivers links are end of the article

  • Qualcomm USB Driver.
  • QPST Flash Tool.
  •  Universal ADB Driver.
  • Minimal ADB and Fastboot tools.

F120B block auto-updates

  • Install the drivers. Install the drivers Qualcomm USB driver, QPST Flash ToolUniversal ADB driver and Minimal ADB and Fastboot.


  • Extract the files. After downloading the files extract it in the Desktop folder. You need to download these files LYF F120B Downgrade FileADB and Root files, build file and Enable Stuff app.


  • Add build file to the firmware. After that, you need to add build file to the firmware for F120B to block auto-updates. Open downgrade firmware// boot_images//build now delete the build file and then download my build file (links are end of the article) and paste it to the downgrade firmware// boot_images// paste here.
  • Replace the core files. This is a very important step do not skip it. Download my ADB and root files (links are end of the article) and open the ADB and Root folder there you find two .img files 1. boot 2. recovery now copy these two .img files and paste it to to the LYF-F120B-DOWNGRADE-FILE\LINUX\android\out\target\product\msm8909_512\paste and replace here.


  • Move the firmware to the C drive. Well done! You just modified your f120b downgrade firmware and copy the downgrade firmware folder and paste it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Qualcomm\QPST\paste here.


  • Open Qfil Flash ToolNow, open Qfil Flash Tool for flashing the phone. To open qfil tool goto C:\Program Files (x86)\Qualcomm\QPST\bin\qfil.exe double click on it two-run the program.


  • Qfil setup after, opening the Qfil Flash Tool:
    Select build type: Meta Build ✓
    Click on the Load Content button and select the content.xml file:
    Local Disk (C):> Program Files(86): > Qualcomm: > QPST: > Open F120B downgrade Firmware folder:>contents.xml .
    Double click on contents.xml to load the program.


  • Connect the PhoneThis is a very important step:
    i. Remove the phone battery and insert it.
    ii. After that, press and hold and # key together and plug the USB cable at the same time. If phone’s display blinks one time for 1 sec that means phone boot into edl mode.
    After connecting the phone, you will see No Port Available to Qualcomm HS-USB………..
    If you still see No Port Available that’s mean you are not installing the Qualcomm USB driver.
    After that, click on Download Content on qfil tool to begin the flashing process.

Install omniSD for F120b block auto-updates

Great, you just downgrade your LYF Jio Phone F120B. Now we are installing Omnisd in LYF Jio Phone F120B.

  • Download the omnisd file and extract it then paste it to the Local Disk (C):> Program Files(86): > Qualcomm: > QPST: > paste here
  • Now, download the loader files (download links are end of the article) and extract it.
  • After extracting open the loaders folder and copy all the contents present in the folder.
  • And then go to Local Disk (C):> Program Files(86): > Qualcomm: > QPST: > F120b omnisd folder>paste and replace here.
  • After that, open qfil flash tool.
  • Then, Select the build type flat build.
  • Select the programmer pathLocal Disk (C):> Program Files(86): > Qualcomm: > QPST: > F120B omnisd folder>prog_emmc_firehose_8909_ddr double click on it.
  • Afterwards, click on Load XML.
  • Now, click on the download button on qfil tool.

It takes hardly 1 min to complete the flashing.

Final Stage:(LYF F120B Block Auto Update)

  • Power on the phone.
  • Then, download enable stuff app and paste it to your Jio phone downloads folder.
  • Afterwards, open Omnisd app on the Jio Phone and install enable stuff.
  • After, Installing the enable stuff app then run the app and exit.
  • Now, go to the Jio Phone setting \ Device \ Developer \ debugger \ ADB and DEV tools select it.

Now, install Minimal ADB drivers (links er under the tutorial).


  • After installing Universal ADB drivers
  • Then install Minimal ADB and Fastboot.
  • Connect your phone to the computer (Phone must be power on).
  • Then, open Minimal ADB and Fastboot.
  • Now, type adb devices. (there you find attached device). If your device successfully attached (you will see 450***** numbers according to your phone). If your device can not find then install the ADB drivers and restart your computer.
  • Copy this code and goto Minimal ADB and Fastboot then paste here (simply click right key)
adb shell
mount -o remount,rw /system
echo '' >> /system/etc/hosts
echo '' >> /system/etc/hosts
echo '' >> /system/etc/hosts
mount -o remount,ro /system

Then copy this code and paste:

adb shell
 cd /data/fota/downloaded
 cd /data/fota
 rmdir downloaded


Now, type adb reboot if your phone restart that means everything is all right.

After that, goto Jio Phone setting and check-update- there you will see network error. Your F120B block auto-updates.

Download the files:

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  1. Thanks a lot…….It works! omniSD installation method didn;t work for me,but I installed it using your previous article.THANKS

  2. Bro i was able to install OmniSD in my Jio F120B and followed every process until then but after that when i install Enable tools via omniSD, i am not getting any icon for the enable all app and also when i open the app it just shows a blank screen, also the adb option in settings in not shown, can you please tell me what i’m doing wrong??

  3. adb interface is not working on device manager, mobile hangs up, i need detailed explanation of how to to disable auto update, rest worked well

      • bro, yesterday I successfully downgraded my f120b phone and installed omnisd and I disabled auto-updates with the help of your article.. thank you sooo much.somedays ago, i lost hotspot feature due to recent OTA update. i thought i lost hotspot feature forever… but my hotspot feature is back again.. because of your article! my heartfelt thanks to you. god bless you bro.


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