How to Root Redmi Note 8 Pro (Steps)

Hello, my dear welcome to the new world of Android phones, my name is Md Moaj here I will show you Redmi Note 8 Pro Bootloader Unlock step-by-step tutorial.

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So let’s back to the topic of Redmi Note 8 Pro Bootloader Unlock. There are so many benefits will get after unlocking the Redmi Note 8 Pro. I will say about this later. Before starting the unlocking process let me introduce the phone first.

What is boot-loader?

A boot-loader is one type of program that loads the start of the boot time task and processes of an operating system or the phone system. That means when a phone power up it takes some time to complete power up the phone in this time all essential programs start running. A boot loader primarily manages and executes the boot sequence of a Computer system or a Phone system.

In this topic, I will show you how to unlock Redmi Note 8 Pro bootloader. After unlocking the Redmi Note 8 Pro phone’s bootloader you will get some advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Redmi Note 8 Pro Bootloader Unlock:

  • After unlocking the Redmi Note 8 Pro phone’s bootloader, you can install Custom Recovery mode TWRP and Orange FOX.
  • Unlocked devices are ready to get root access. (How to root Redmi Note 8 Pro)
  • You will able to install custom ROM like Lineage OS, Pixel Experience, Oxygen OS, Resurrection Remix, etc. (List of best custom ROM for Redmi Note 8 Pro)
  • Increase device performance. (Root required)
  • Increase gaming performance.
  • Delete bloatware.
  • Uninstall unwanted System apps like clean master or Mi Community.
  • You are the boss your own device after unlocking the phones.

Disadvantages of Redmi Note 8 Pro Bootloader Unlock:

  • When you unlock Redmi Note 8 Pro phone’s bootloader, your device warranty will completely void. (Get back your Redmi Note 8 Pro warranty after root.)
  • The device security system will damage and performed less secure.
  • After unlocking the Redmi Note 8 Pro phone’s bootloader, device OTA updates will stop.
  • The possibility of viruses and malware attacks will increase.

If you don’t care about the disadvantages, then continue to the post.


  • This bootloader unlocking method only works for Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. So do not apply these processes to other devices.
  • Boost up Redmi Note 8 Pro battery at least 50% of charge.
  • You need a PC for unlocking the Redmi Note 8 Pro phone bootloader.
  • **Take a full backup of the phone because after unlocking the phone all user data will be deleted.**
  • A USB data cable for connecting the phone to the computer.
  • Follow the full instruction without skip any steps.

Required Files:

MI USB driverDownload Now
MI Unlock ToolDownload Now
Fastboot DriverDownload Now

How to Unlock Redmi Note 8 Pro Bootloader:

To unlock the Redmi Note 8 Pro bootloader follow all the steps.

1. Back Up data:

Before, starting the bootloader unlocking process make sure that you back up your complete device data. Why that’s important? Because after unlocking the Redmi Note 8 Pro bootloader, device data will be completely erased.

2. Download the required files:

After that, you must have to download the following drivers and tools for Unlocking the Redmi Note 8 Pro. Because without the USB driver phone does connect to the computer, and without connecting the Redmi Note 8 Pro bootloader unlocking tool will not work.

3. Sync apps data:

This is not a mandatory step, if your application data is important to you then apply this step: go to Mi Account > Mi Cloud and enable ‘Sync’ & ‘Find Device.’ Also, Sync all Apps data at least once.

4. Enable Developer mode:

Most android phones actually all android phones come with hidden Developer mode. You have to enable the developer on Redmi Note 8 Pro manually. Follow this step: Open Settings again and go to About Phone. Tap 7-8 times continuously on the MIUI version, and it will display ‘You are now a developer.
Now go to developer options, go to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options.

Redmi 9 Bootloader Unlock

5. Enable OEM:

After access, the Developer mode it time for enabling the OEM: go to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options swipe right on the OEM option to enable.


6. Enable USB Debugging:

For enabling the USB Debugging, go to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options> swipe right on the USB Debugging to enable.

7. Link MI Account:

All settings are completed now we have to link the MI account to the Mi unlock status: Turn data connection on> go to the Settings> Developer option> Mi Unlock Status, here link your MI account.

8. PC setup:

After that, connect your pc to the internet and then open MI Unlock Tool (Download link above). After opening the MI Unlock Tool sign in the tool in the same MI account ID which you link to the Mi Unlock Status.

9. Fastboot:

Then, power off your Redmi Note 8 Pro and wait 8 seconds after turn down. After that, Press and Hold the Volume down key and Power key together at the same time, then your Redmi Note 8 Pro boot into the Fastboot mode.

9. Unlock Redmi Note 8 Pro:

Now, connect the phone to the computer make sure that you installed the MI USB drivers correctly. On the PC Click on the Unlock Now. It shows you some warning you must agree on these, after that your Redmi Note 8 Pro will successfully unlock the bootloader.



I know this article is not well written, forgive me, please. But you can follow the steps to unlock your Redmi Note 8 Pro phone’s bootloader. You also can watch our videos on YouTube, and there is a video tutorial on this same topic.

If you are facing problems during unlocking the bootloader then comment down below or directly contact us on Facebook.

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